Naming For Success




The classic "about us"

We never thought we would put up a website like this however, we did it

we are a group of people collectively known as "family" who discussed a lot about child upbringing and naming the child in the best way possible that the child or parents won't regret about it in the future

Our Magnanimous "motto"

Everything in this world has a set of rules and procedures, so why can't naming a baby has its own set of procedures ?

This thought led to the making of this website and an informative e-Book

We basically help you to understand the factors that are to be considered while naming

What’s in a Name – A Glimpse of our E-book

Naming a baby is no more an underrated process

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Our Programs

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Naming done right !!!

Importance of Naming

You will find out the most valid reasons for buying our E-book that is solely about naming

Pre- conceptual Care

Be prepared to have a baby !!!

Conceptual Care

What to take; What to listen; What to read ; everything is in there.


We know its a new territory for new-parents, that's why we have included some tips and tricks


Its tuff for them to, it takes time to accustom to the new environment (besides womb), so this the Dummy's guide to baby care

Baby upbringing

Do’s and Don’t s

Pros and Cons


Its time for Nature

Seriously when is the last time you stared at the sky.....