Importance of Naming

Every Name Tells a S T O R Y


A name is a word that is used to identify or address a person or thing that is referred to

Each and everything in this world has a name, Why?

            To identify it

            To remember it

            To know its purpose

            To address it

In that case, it is very important to name a person or an object with the right set of letters which when combined turns out to be a meaningful word

Naming a newborn is done in different kind of procedures based on religion, culture, and region. It is a significant function which is celebrated in the presence of friends and families.

African Naming Traditions


They follow unique ways to name their babies


Events surrounding Birth

Such names would imply the condition under which the baby is born

Emotional Instincts

These names imply the mood of the family at the time of birth

Naming after Trending Celebrities


Names can reveal the order in which they are born

This is true even with Twins

Names that reveals the day or time of birth


Ancestors' name

Elders of the family may be dead but their names continue to live on

The person with a right name will have a good attitude, good health and he or she will lead their life in the right path


Evolution of Naming

Earlier in northern Europe people followed the system of patronymic naming that is they referred to a person by their father’s name

Example: X’s son/daughter

Paul’s son/Paul’s daughter

When this phrase is converted into a single word then it became Paulsen/Paulson

People were named after the lands they owned like “Duke of Richmond”, these names are referred to as feudal names

Later on, western countries incorporated Matronymic name – which includes surname related to the mother, Family name– that is passed on through generations, Middle name – that represents an ancestor in the family line or saints

Naming in India

India has a diversified naming system which changes from region to region

Each state has a different naming system based on many criteria such as

  • Hometown
  • Family Profession
  • Caste system
  • Family name
  • House name
  • Patronymic name
  • Matronymic name
  • Clan System

Thus each name would provide a lot more details about that person when these factors are included in.

Astrology – Practical Astronomy

There is a general myth regarding Astrology that is it pertains only to religion

Astrology is actually studying the position of the celestial bodies viz., planets, it has got nothing to do with the religion

How the position of those celestial bodies affects the characters of a human being?

Why are Ocean tides greater on a full/new moon day?

Why our earth is the only planet that has living beings?

Heat is the main source of living organisms and it must be at an optimal level for survival. Earth receives its heat from the Sun at an optimal level due to its position from the Sun. Likewise, when a new baby is born on Earth the placement of Planets, Sun & Moon (time of birth) is very important as it generates some kind of vibrations which influences the baby’s future, characteristics and it has greater effects in its endeavors.


The occult influence of Numbers

The world does not exist without numbers, every second there is a number involved in our life. Our birth, home, vehicles, businesses, etc., everything is represented by numbers. The main aim of numerology is to influence these numbers for our own success. There are two ways to use numerology

  • Setting a fortunate name based on these numbers,
  • Using lucky and powerful numbers to achieve success in all endeavors

It is very important to name according to numerology, every letter is associated with a number and it provides some unique vibes when the name is uttered.

Names, irrespective of religions

Our name is our fate

Think of someone calling you “stupid”, you will get irritated instantly irrespective of language and situation.

The same scenario would happen if you do not have the right name, the name is a mantra that is chanted towards you, not by you. The most-heard word in your life is your name, so it is important that you name your baby with the right name.

Naming is not associated with the religion you follow, it’s just the right and meaningful combination of letters

A good name gives a good personality and a good personality automatically attains success