Never-ending love for elephants

No one can ignore but notice the striking similarities between elephants and human beings if one has spent some quality time on safari or zoo

In some occasions, elephants tend to prove that they are better than human beings

Elephants mourn like we do

Elephants feel sadness when they lose their loved ones; not only they feel sadness they tend to bury the demised elephant as a group and they spend a certain amount of time to process the death.

Extraordinary communication

In needy situations elephants tend to cry out for help, usually all kind of living beings communicate with one another by passing some kind of signals, elephants send out high pitch voice signals, the sound you hear of an elephant when you are nearby a forest or jungle but you can’t seem to find the elephant in your vicinity; that’s the sound that the elephant makes when it reaches out for help

Elephants have stronger family bonding and never give up (I am not sure whether to put it as a similarity, anyway)

Elephants empathize with each other by touching each other, they pamper each other (how cute !) as we human beings hug, touch or pat to comfort the distressed one

For instance, in the video below a family of elephants come together to save a baby elephant which is stuck in some kind of trap