Organic Methods

Especially, when you are expecting a baby


Here are some conventional yet scientifically proven organic methods that help women with their pregnancy

Must-take food

The most annoying thing that you would face when you are trying to get pregnant is a variety of ideas, diet charts, thousands of articles, etc, and the most beautiful thing about those articles is they are so unique that you fall into a confusion on what to follow, when to follow and how to follow….

So I have come up with this four food items that are mandatory in whatever diet you follow (ok, you can avoid egg white if you are a vegan), else all these 4 must be Compulsorily consumed by “trying to be Moms”

  • Milk-soaked or Water-soaked almonds,
  • Egg white,
  • Grapes &
  • Fibrous vegetables like radish (These are a must when you are trying to get pregnant)

Communicate with Nature

Every energy you need is available in the outer space, you just have to receive it and channelise it in the right direction, to do that breathe in the oxygen that the plants let out in the morning, that is the purest (pollution free) form of Oxygen that you will ever breathe in

Speaking of oxygen, peepul tree is one of the trees that has higher oxygen content, every part of the peepul tree has medicinal value, spending some time near peepul will benefit you a lot

PS: If you do not find a peepul tree please try to plant one, it can grow on any condition