What’s in a name – Secrets about naming


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 How to name a baby?
              – here lies the secret


Life starts with a name

Life ends with a name

Names play a big part in our lives which we don’t realize; now that I have realized I wish to share this incredible information with everyone. It is very vital to give your babies the ideal name that the child won’t regret about it in the future

There are many books, e-books, articles, blogs out there that can give lists of names, meanings, celebrity baby names, trending names & the list goes on; but there isn’t a well-defined procedure for naming;

I mean everything has a procedure

Baking a cake – yes !!! it has a procedure

Skincare – it has the cleansing-toning-moisturizing routine in it

How to name a baby  – ? ? ?

What are the procedures for naming – ? ? ?

Does name have any effect on the baby’s future – ? ? ?

So, I came up with this book, yes you have to pay to read this book because

anything given free has no value right ?!

 – you will agree with me at some point in time



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