The world would be in a complete chaos if nothing has a name associated with it

That’s why names are very much important

Names not only represent a person, it also represents the ethnicity that she/he descends from

One of the best thing that parents can give their babies is N A M E

The name must be impactful and should create a positive vibe

Names are associated with our souls directly, imagine yourselves without your name or in some other name, you can’t do that for a longer Time because of the connection that you have with your name

Marketing companies have so many services to sell, the most important is brand creation, the same applies to human beings as well

Face is logo
N A M E is brand

when we are ready to spend lots of money to create a brand (logo and name) that is associated with a non-living thing, then think of the resources we are entitled to spend on our baby’s name

Recent studies also state that children with unattractive names tend to score lower in their school- which was strange actually, but true. We do not have a scale to measure attractiveness or unattractiveness, but it is the Vibration that is the result of pronouncing the name that imparts the feeling of attraction

Names have power, what you name your baby is what they become

So is it possible to satisfy all the factors that should be considered while naming….